What an incredible start to the year we’ve had! So many great conferences and so much amazing work has already been done across the Internet industry in 2015. The race towards the future, and my travel around the world, continues this week in Dubai with MENOG 15 (which is also a RIPE NCC regional meeting).

MENOG is the Middle East Network Operators Group. As usual I’ll let them introduce themselves:

MENOG’s participants come together at MENOG Meetings and on the MENOG mailing list to share their expertise with peers in the Middle East and beyond. Your participation strengthens MENOG and increases the knowledge base that both yourself and others can draw from.

Through MENOG, you can ensure that your organisation keeps up to date with the latest developments and discussions in network operations and deployment. In addition, you and your colleagues can access a wide range of technical skills and strategy from the experts who participate in MENOG.

MENOG 15 is already underway, with workshops happening 28-31 March and the conference taking place Wednesday and Thursday (1-2 April 2015).

The two-day multi-track agenda is packed full of great IXP, DNS, routing, research, and infrastructure content. Two items are of particular interest to us here at Deploy360:

  • PGP key signing session at MENOG 15 – Today (Tuesday 31st of May) at 17:00 GST at the DNS/DNSSEC workshop venue.
  • IPv6 Deployment Case of Sudan/SudREN – Thursday (2 April) during the 14:00 – 15:30 Technical Operations III session (in meeting room Creek B at the conference venue).

I also want to mention how thrilled we are to see the DNS workshop include an entire day dedicated to DNSSEC. Kudos! Of course both it and the Routing workshop also include coverage of IPv6. This is also great, although we do hope to see IPv6 become the default for network training soon, with legacy IPv4 related content becoming the add-on.

IETF Content @ MENOG 15

I’m excited to announce two bits of IETF related activities that I’ll be helping to support this week during the MENOG 15 conference.

IETF Help DeskFirst, we’ll see the IETF Help Desk return for it’s third showing at an international NOG. As I’ve previously written, the IETF Help Desk is intended to be a single stop for all your IETF questions. As you likely know at this point, the help desk is not an official IETF (nor Internet Society) activity. We’re just a bunch of folks who happen to participate in both the IETF and MENOG who’ve volunteered to staff the table and help our fellow community members the best we can. Come find us (look for the banner) and ask us all your questions about the IETF, or just grab a fresh copy of the recently re-designed IETF Journal!

Second, I’ll be giving an introduction to, and update on the IETF during Thursday’s Technical Operations I session (Scheduled for 09:00 – 10:30 on 2 April 2015). This is a newly developed presentation put together in response to our Operators and the IETF survey, just like the help desk. We’d love to hear what you think of the talk. If you have feedback after the talk you can find me in person here in Dubai, or contact us electronically. If it goes well, our plan is to make the slides (with speaking notes) available to interested community members who want to provide an IETF update at their local NOG/NOF or other industry event.

As always, I’m here to help. Please seek me out if you have questions about any of the Deploy360 topics, about global Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) efforts, about the IETF, or if you’d just like to talk about the future of the Internet. You can find me at the IETF Help Desk, or roaming around the conference venue.

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