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  • Team Coaching

Break Through That Barrier

Creative business innovation for the 21st century. When it feels like you’ve hit a plateau, have to pivot, or just need to amp up performance. I’ll help you use technology, marketing, and strategy to launch your growing business beyond what you thought possible.

  • Individual Mentoring

Make Better Decisions

Expand your reasoning, creative, and other cognitive capacities. You’re successful, maybe even lucky, but you want more. Get the personalized and ongoing support you need to level-up faster and more frequently.

  • Content Creation

Kick-Ass Campaigns

Demonstrate thought leadership and capture attention. Engagement, trust, and new relationships start with a well-researched whitepaper, series of blog posts, curated interview, or other compelling content; created just for you. Tap into my network of experts across verticals, domains, and geographies to cover the topics most important to your communities.

  • Public Speaking

Expertise on Your Stage or Stream

Bring knowledge and experience to your audience. Keynotes, live-streams, podcasts, round-tables, and more. Covering a broad range of topics from current technology trends to modern innovation practices and from interesting new ideas in marketing to the latest thinking on experience engineering.

“Chris is one of the most brilliant technologists and charismatic speakers I’ve met in a long time. He’s an absolute creative, has a mind focused on solutions, and is driven by a deep belief in what he does. He’s both an inspirational leader and great colleague. I’d work with Chris again any day of the week.”

Lia Kiessling
Lia Kiessling

Strategic Communications Expert

A Broad Spectrum Approach to Growth

Focused on improving your ability to innovate, operate, and communicate better than ever before. We’ll do this together by working across three crucial pillars of 21st century excellence.


Technology is the foundation of every modern organization. Get it right, or get left behind.


Customer-centric innovation and storytelling are essential in the age of free communication. Plan accordingly.


In our modern world of constant change, the only way to predict the future is to create it. Start now.

Let’s Get Started

There’s no better time than the present. Cliched but true. Reach out today and start growing tomorrow.

“Chris is an exceptionally energetic individual, a talented thinker and an accomplished public speaker. He is a very rewarding person to work with due to the level of organization he brings to every project. He has vision and probity, a rare combination. It has been a great privilege to work with him.”

John Springer

Inland Telephone Company

Chris Grundemann - Headshot

Chris Grundemann

Creative BizTech & TechBiz Consultant

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