You have a great idea for a new product, service, or business.

Now what?

Now it’s time to launch!

And just like a trip into outer space, launching your idea starts with planning and preparation.

It’s never to early to engage Grundemann Technology Solutions to coach, mentor, and guide you on this exciting journey.

No matter whether this is your first business, your fifteenth product, or your fiftieth service; I’m here to help make the process easier and more fun, while making the results more impactful and ultimately more profitable – for you and those you seek to serve.

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“Chris is an excellent organizer and leader with vision and energy.”

Karen Mulberry


Don’t Panic

The world is full of expectations. And while this is true across almost all domains, it feels especially relevant for folks who–like yourself–are brave enough to start something new. We’re all bombarded with stories of “unicorns” and ultra-high-growth startups. And while this may have cooled a bit during our most recent market downturn, it’s still easy to be overwhelmed by the pressure we place on ourselves to be outlandishly successful, overnight. The fact is that most businesses will never be worth a billion dollars, and that’s OK.

The past 20-30 years of massive venture capitol (VC) success has created some perverse incentives and expectations. If you want to take VC funding and shoot for the stars – go for it, I wish you the best of luck. But if you think a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and organic path to success sounds interesting – I’d love to talk. At Grundemann Technology Solutions, my philosophy is that if you solve a real problem, and work to be the best at what you do; the growth will come, whether you like it or not.

Not exactly sure where to start, or what to do next? That’s where I come in! We’re here to help you launch your great idea into reality.

My mission is to give you VC-like support, without the VC terms, conditions, or expectations.

We Help You Launch

The cold hard truth is that most ideas, even the amazing ones, are never realized. It turns out that execution is just as important as invention. Luckily, you found me. I’ve done this many times before, and I’m here to help with all the planning and preparation needed to execute on your idea. How can I help? Below are a few of the most common areas where I’ve engaged with clients like you.

A lot of the folks I work with start with multiple (often overlapping) ideas, or an idea that isn’t quite fully formed yet. Not to worry, that’s a great time to engage me! In these cases, I start by helping you to choose the right idea – and then develop it into an actionable purpose for your new business, product, or service.

Every business needs to make money in order to continue operating and serving its customers and its greater purpose. That’s obvious. What’s often much less obvious is how it should go about making that money. I will walk you through all of the big questions that need to be answered: What are you going to sell? Will it be sold as a one-time product, or an ongoing service? Who will you sell it to? How will you reach those customers? What are your costs and expenses? Do the numbers add up to a profitable business?

If this is your very first business (and even when its not), some of the earliest tasks can seem the most daunting. Don’t worry, I will advise you on which type of legal entity you need and what paperwork is required, as well as how, when, and where to file.

Anytime a customer purchases something, they are ‘hiring’ that product or service to do a job. Appreciating this fact can radically transform your approach to product development, marketing, and sales. I’ll help you better understand and communicate the value of your idea to prospective customers using their own perspective, based on what they want or need to accomplish.

A common trap that many entrepreneurs fall into is trying to build the perfect product or service before they launch. That’s impossible. So, I’ll help you avoid that mistake by understanding what is required now and what should be developed later.

Your GTM strategy is a step-by-step plan for successfully getting your new product, service, or business in front of the right prospects at the right time. I’ll help you determine product market fit, define your target audience, understand the competition, choose a distribution methodology, and ultimately develop both marketing and sales strategies. These strategies will include the right mix of inbound marketing, demand generation, account based marketing, and sales enablement for your specific use case.

While the details are important, the big picture is just as critical to get right. What is your businesses purpose, be it cause, competence, or culture based? Defining this early and refining it often (at first) will provide a guiding light – a North Star – to navigate by. All other planning builds from here. Mission, vision, values, goals, plans, and strategies all need a foundation and a framework to stabilize and align them. I’ll work with you to articulate your purpose, and then use it to drive your business (and our world) forward into the future you envision.

Plan to Launch