Break Through That Barrier


No one has a crystal ball.

That’s why we must create the future we want.

What I want is to get to know you and your team, learn what challenges you’re facing, and help you chart the best course.

Whether it’s a one time engagement, ongoing advice and coaching, or something in between; I will help you make sense of technology, marketing, and strategy in these uncertain times.

I firmly believe in the martial arts approach: Slow down to speed up. Take a breath, look at the big picture, and then move forward.

I also believe that better is more important than bigger. If you’re the best, the growth will come (whether you like it or not).

Let me help you get outside of the day to day and find your way to that next breakthrough.

How I Can Help

In addition to helping technology businesses (TechBiz) grow, I also help businesses grow with technology (BizTech).

While it may be constant, change can also be hard. You know you’re facing a challenge, you may even know exactly what needs to be done about it, but the solution is just outside of your current grasp. I’ll help. I’m a life long agent of change. Together we’ll cut to the heart of the issue, chart a course, identify the blockers, bring people onboard, and intentionally and mindfully execute against our plan.

Digital is not just for tech companies anymore, and it’s not just for the Fortune 50 either. If you haven’t re-thought your business in the face of today’s onslaught of enabling technologies yet – it’s time. I’ll help you navigate the trends, decode the tech, see past the hype, and truly harness the best of today’s information technology. Ask me about Security, SD-WAN, SASE, AI/ML, Cloud, Edge, SDN, NFV, 5G and anything else you may have heard or read about. If I don’t have the answer, I know someone who does. Let’s do this!

The global SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic and resulting lock-downs, quarantines, and general need for social distancing accelerated several trends that I’ve been watching for years now. Many businesses have been thrust into a new and unfamiliar world of remote employees and distributed teams. Even if you’ve coped with these changes flawlessly, have you fully considered their long-term ramifications? Have you capitalized on them as an opportunity? Do you know the difference between remote and distributed? Are your processes, tools, and culture purpose fit for this new way of working? Are you still relying on synchronous communication? No matter your answers, I will help you chart a course into the future of work.

How do you reach today’s ever distracted consumer? Marketing is more than content and community (although those are crucial). It’s more than great storytelling (but you definitely need that). Every compelling campaign starts with delivering a great product or service, and only then goes out into the world to talk about it. Start with first principles, find a job to be done, solve a challenge, answer questions before they’re asked, and win more deals. I’m here to guide you and your team through this process, step by step. Let’s talk!

Whether you’re feeling a little lost, a bit stale, or just looking to keep the momentum up, a great place to start is with your organization’s strategic direction. It’s easy to get so bogged down in the day to day that you don’t realize you’ve drifted off course. It’s even easier to get so busy that you forget to set a course at all. Let’s take a moment to survey the landscape, check in with clients and employees, and get back to basics. Is it clear why you’re organization exists? Do you have an obvious “North Star” that guides your decision making? Are you doing everything you can to build the organization you want? I will help you build a rock-solid strategy that ensures you are always skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it was.

Some Brands I’ve Worked With