You have something to say.

Now what?

Now it’s time to communicate!

But as you know, effective communication is more complicated than simply shouting through a megaphone or dropping a message in a bottle.

And no matter how much experience you have, coaching and mentoring from Grundemann Technology Solutions will help you communicate more effectively.

Effective communication ensures that you get your message across in order to inform, educate, and ultimately affect change. Whether you are an entrepreneur needing to sell your ideas to investors and employees, a seasoned engineer or developer looking to expand your horizons, an executive wanting to give back, a new manager trying to find your voice, or just a person who wants to create deeper connections; I’m here to help you level up those communication skills to make everything else easier and more fun – for you and those you are reaching out to.

“Chris is one of the most brilliant technologists and charismatic speakers I’ve met in a long time. He’s an absolute creative, has a mind focused on solutions, and is driven by a deep belief in what he does. He’s both an inspirational leader and great colleague. I’d work with Chris again any day of the week.”

Lia Kiessling
Lia Kiessling

Strategic Communications Expert

Don’t Panic

George Bernard Shaw, the early 20th century playwright and polemicist once said that “Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap.” We couldn’t agree more. Effective communication is about more than just the words you use.

Don’t misunderstand me; words matter. You should always say what you mean and mean what you say. And semantics is about more than simple wordsmithing. It’s about embedding meaning into your email, blog post, whitepaper, lecture, speech, or tweet. This is the foundation for all communication.

Building on this sturdy base, truly effective communication requires, by definition, that your full meaning is received and understood by your audience. This is where things get tricky. And this is what Bernard Shaw meant by unwrapping the object delivered through words. Once your perfectly crafted sentence enters the audience’s eyes or ears it must then be interpreted by that individual. Their interpretation, heavily influenced by their experience, perspective, and bias is what they take away from your message – even if the receiver has mangled your meaning in the process.

This is why you must start with the end in mind, know your audience, and speak in their language – taking their worldview, knowledge, and prior beliefs fully into account. Only once you have done this can you hope to communicate effectively.

Not sure how to take your communication to the next level? That’s exactly where I come in! I’ll meet you where you are and build your communication skills from there up to where you want and need them to be.

My mission is to give you the tools and experience you need to go out into the world and affect the change you want by delivering your message to your audience effectively.

Communications Coaching

The unvarnished truth is that most communication is ineffective. We often fail to say what we really mean or mean what we actually said. Even when we get this right, the person or people we’re attempting to communicate with regularly misunderstand our meaning. Many times these misinterpretations go unnoticed until after some erroneous action is taken, if ever. Mangled messages lose deals, strain friendships, disgruntle employees, tank promotions, and lead to all kinds of mistakes and missteps. Luckily, you found me. I’ve spent decades studying human communication, and putting what I learn to the test on screens and on stages around the world. So, how can I help you? Glad you asked. Below are a few of the most common areas where I’ve engaged with clients like you.

People have been telling stories for thousands of years at least. By now, storytelling is hardwired into us. It’s universal to the human experience. That’s why it is almost always the most effective form of communication. And it’s why I get asked by so many of our clients–just like you–to help strengthen their storytelling muscles. We’ll use real life examples to workshop narrative structure, finding the plot, choosing characters, understanding point of view, using anecdotes, adding visuals, and everything you need on the journey to becoming a master storyteller. To becoming someone who educates, informs, and entertains. And to telling stories that stick, carrying your message and meaning forward in your audience’s minds.

In our digital and distributed world, much of our communication is done asynchronously through emails, direct messages, blog posts, white papers, books, and other written mediums. That makes effective writing a crucial 21st century skill. I’ll help you find your voice, adapt your writing for various formats, engage your readers, and convey your meaning as clearly and succinctly as possible. Better writing leads to better outcomes, I’ll show you how.

Verbal communication has the power to transform your career, your business, and your relationships. This is true whether it’s done privately or publicly; face to face, on a video call, or from a stage; one on one or in a group setting. I’ve helped folks connect and communicate more deeply in interviews, negotiations, meetings, conference rooms, and conference halls. I’ll work with you to identify your top challenges and opportunities and focus in on the specific coaching you need to be a more effective communicator when and where it matters most.

The global pandemic accelerated trends we’ve been watching for at least a decade or more. Prime among them is the proliferation of remote work and completely distributed teams. This requires new communication skills. We all learned how to use new tools for video chat, direct messaging, and document collaboration. But have you optimized your communication patterns and styles for these new medium? I’ll show you how to maintain presence when working remotely, how to get the most out of asynchronous communication, and provide you with the skills and experience you need to communicate effectively from wherever you happen to be working today.

Sometimes you just need a little more help. Maybe you’re short on time. Or you need an independent voice. Whatever the reason, if you’d rather have me handle the communication of your message on your behalf – I can “just do it” with our content creation and public speaking services. Need a podcast or webinar guest? A keynote speaker? Need a blog post, white paper, or solution brief? An email template or some website copy? I got you.

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