IPv6 is making its way into more and more networks. While the worlds largest AS’ were the first to feel the IPv4 crunch and start deploying IPv6, these days any network with any growth at all is forced to pay attention. This means that knowing at least the basics of IPv6 is becoming more and more of a necessity for anyone with anything to do with computer networking. Network engineers and IT staff, of course, but also systems engineers, application developers, devops engineers, and even network managers; all of us need to understand the protocol at the heart of all future Internet growth: Internet Protocol version 6.

Luckily, along with increased deployment, we are also seeing an increase in useful information and training material. One new IPv6 tutorial that I am particularly proud to announce was just launched by the Internet Society earlier this month:

Exploring IPv6 is broken into 3 modules; Introduction to IPv6, Understanding IPv6 Addresses, and Protocol, Neighbor Discovery, and SLACC. Sound familiar? If you are a frequent reader of this blog, it should! This new IPv6 tutorial is based on my Introducing IPv6 material, so you know it’s good. =)

Go ahead and learn something today!

And once you’ve primed yourself on IPv6, don’t miss the other Internet Society tutorials available now.

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