ustelecom logoI’m very happy to announce that I’ll be giving a talk next week that doesn’t require me to get on a plane! On Thursday, 16 April at 1300 EDT I’ll be teaming up with USTelecom for a webinar:

Security in an IPv6 World: Myth & Reality

Now that IPv6 is being actively deployed around the world, security is more and more a growing concern. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of myths that plague the IPv6 security world. Join The Internet Society and USTelecom for a comprehensive webcast that will look at some of the most common IPv6 security myths, and the reality behind them.

This is a talk I’ve given at several conferences around the world. I did the original research for a talk I was asked to give at CaribNOG 5. Apparently the content struck a chord with many folks. It’s been so popular that I recently wrote up much of the material I cover as a series of blog posts. If you want a chance to listen in and ask some questions, register now!

This post also appears on the Deploy360 blog.

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