I just received an email this morning from Hurricane Electric (the provider of my web server’s IPv6 tunnel) announcing:

We have just released a free iPhone App, Webpage Widget, and Google and Windows Desktop Gadgets that report the growth of IPv6 deployment and the exhaustion of IPv4.

The iPhone App, Webpage Widget, and Desktop Gadgets are available at:


Thank you and we hope you enjoy the additional toys.  Any questions, bugs or comments, please send email to [email protected]

I of course had to try it out; take a look a little past half way down my sidebar, just under the links section and just above the CO ISOC rss feed.

I think they did quite a nice job on the design and it includes some interesting numbers to keep an eye on.  More than just a fun gadget though, I hope that others display the widget on their sites as well so that it can help raise awareness of IPv6 and nudge those who have not yet prepared for the impending migration to IPv6 into action.

Are there other tools, apps, widgets or gadgets like this out there?

I encourage everyone reading this who has a website to add the widget and then drop a link to your site in the comments here.

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