I was recently in Sunnyvale at Juniper HQ to record an interview for an IPv6 focused episode of Junos Connect (more on that laterhere). While there, Dan Backman and I recorded a couple of podcasts for distribution within Juniper. They’re not too overly boring so I figured I’d post them up here in case folks outside of Juniper find them handy in any way as well.

The MP3s:

The first one is a quick interview where I answer some questions about being a Day One author. A look under the kimono if you will. So if you’re into that kind of thing, or if you’re thinking about writing a book, it might be worth a listen. Bonus is it’s quite short and to the point:

.:: Day One Author Interview ::.

The second one was an ad-hoc idea of Dan’s where he basically recorded a conversation that the two of us had regarding the current state of IPv6. It’s likely repeat for many people who I have spoken with at any length about IPv6 deployment, etc. but may have some interesting stuff for others. It’s a tad longer but still not crazy and should be an easy listen if you’re into IPv6 at all:

.:: IPv6 Chat ::.

Hope you enjoy! If so, thank Juniper, they provided the time and the pretty stellar stereo mike that recorded these (also don’t steal them since they belong to Juniper). Thanks Dan!

As always; comments, corrections, and complaints are welcome (and encouraged) – here or via email. Cheers!

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