v6 World Congress LogoI’m on the road again! After a week at home following a great IETF 89 in London, it’s time to head to Paris for the 2014 edition of v6 World Congress.

This year’s event is focused on Large Scale IPv6 Deployments, Content Providers Strategies, and the Internet of Things:

The 2014 edition will place particular emphasis on large scale deployments and measurement with testimonies from cable operators (Time Warner, Comcast) and content providers (Google, Facebook, Linkedin). Other sessions will cover SDN, transition strategies, training issues and enterprises deployments.

A large session and a panel will be dedicated to Internet of Things. Indeed, the IoT area is ramping up in terms of hype. Even if the Internet community doesn’t yet believe that the IoT is going to matter or the IoT world doesn’t believe they want to connect to Internet, both share IPv6. While the IPv6 Internet deployment ramps up, the IoT world starts to move to IPv6.

Exciting stuff! Equally exciting is that two of my Internet Society colleagues will be speaking this year!

Jan Zorz will be giving a talk on Friday (the third and final day of the event this year) covering Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) in general but also focusing specifically on a BCOP in progress on “Generic IPv6 troubleshooting procedures for helpdesks around the world.” A lot of folks are anxiously awaiting this document and I expect a packed room.

Phil Roberts will be talking about the World IPv6 Launch Measurements we’ve been tracking for the past two years on Wednesday (conference day one). Read more in his recent blog post.

As usual all three of us will be looking to chat about IPv6 throughout the course of the conference. If you have ideas for accelerating the deployment of IPv6 we’d especially love to hear from you! I won’t turn down any opportunity to talk about Operators and the IETF as well. So, if you’re in Paris this week – come find me, Jan, or Phil and grab us for a quick chat, or even a beverage. Santé!

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