I recently observed an interesting phenomenon.

About a week ago, I noticed an update in my Facebook ‘News Feed.’ The update was a post on my friend Nate Day’s ‘wall’ made by his wife, Joleen Day. What is most interesting about this is not that my friend’s wife left a note on her husband’s wall or that this note showed up in my own personal news feed. No, I found it interesting because my friend was buried 35 days before I played voyeur to this exchange between wife and husband.

Like over 500 million others to date, Nathan Day created a Facebook account for himself. Maybe he did it to find old friends or to stay in touch with current ones, perhaps to meet new people or maybe just to broadcast his own thoughts, ideas and achievements.  In any case, he did it. Created an online profile of himself. He uploaded words and images, shared thoughts, feelings, links, quotes and probably created some market data about 30 something Internet geeks along the way. And w