I’ve recently started posting some of my Internet specific pieces on CircleID.

CircleID is a collaborative news and opinion website where professionals come to connect, inform and be informed about the latest developments that are shaping the Internet infrastructure.

Postings on CircleID cover all aspects of the Internet infrastructure including technical, commercial, legal, political, and regulatory matters. Opinions, news analysis and blogs featured on CircleID originate from thousands of professionals around the world who are active within these fields.

I got the idea from my recent interview with Paul Vixie. In my Internet Pioneer interviews, I have been asking all of the respondents a few “behind the scenes” questions about where to find a good picture to use, what website they want me to link to, who else they think I should interview, etc. Paul’s response to which of his various sites/blogs I should link to was his profile/author page on CircleID: http://www.circleid.com/members/620/. While I have known of and read CircleID off and on for some time, I had never looked into how to post there. For whatever reason, Paul’s link triggered me to do just that. It turns out that it’s super easy and appears that as long as you have something worth saying about Internet infrastructure, you can get published there. It also turns out that I can reach a much wider audience much more directly there than here on my personal blog (surprise! ;)).

So far I’ve written two pieces. The first one is a call to action for vendors, enterprises, and individuals to dive into IPv6 following World IPv6 Launch titled “World IPv6 Launch: Now What?” The second is a response to an apparent filler article on CNET which grew legs and spread FUD fairly widely about criminal tracing and law enforcement concerns in IPv6 titled “Is IPv6 a Boon to Criminals and Foe to the FBI?” I’m not a huge fan of my own title, I was playing with some ideas and accidentally hit “submit” instead of “preview.” No, they don’t look the same but I was rushing and the buttons are side by side. Crappy title notwithstanding, both posts do have about 2,000 views as of this writing, so hopefully a few folks have found them useful and/or informative. If you have or do read one of them, I’d love to get your feedback!

I plan to continue to submit articles to CircleID in the future as appropriate; when I feel I can contribute “serious” and original Internet technology or policy insights and information. So, if you like reading my stuff, I encourage you to keep an eye on CircleID as well as here on dp going forward.

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