Are you a middle school, high school, or college aged kid, or the parent of one? Then this invite is for you!

Personal Content Network DiagramI am kicking off a new innovation project at CableLabs called the Social Entertainment and Television Initiative. Yes that makes this the SETI project but no, we’re not looking for aliens. This is a research project focused on the intersection of Cable services and Social Media.

In more detail, the objective of the SETI project is to better understand how regular users of social media interact with social tools, other users and more traditional media. This will be achieved by conducting an informal user research group with the next generation (folks aged 13-23), including several lightly moderated discussion sessions. This, of course, is where you, or your kid, come in.

I would like to invite willing young adults (limit one per household) to participate in this user research group!iPod Kindle Fire There will be a couple of surveys to take and a few informal meetings/E-meetings to attend where we will discuss social media and cable services. In return for their time and attention, we will be awarding all participants who meet all requirements their choice of; a Kindle Fire tablet, an 8GB iPod Touch, or an equivalent gift card!

If you are interested, please email [email protected] by ASAP (size is limited, and we hope to fill the group this week). Our focus group will be active Dec – Feb with minimal follow-ups (if any) after that. All contributing participants will receive their Thank-You prize upon the successful completion of their role in our initiative (anticipated to be in Feb/Mar).

A couple of notes:

  • All participants must have Cable television service at their place of residence
  • All participants must be familiar with at least one Social Media application (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Etc.)
  • We will be discussing social media, if you are opposed to this or online communication tools, please use your discretion prior to enrollment


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