CableLabs LogoWell, it’s officially official, I am now Archtect, IP Networks at CableLabs. I just wrapped up my first week at the new job and I think I am really going to enjoy it.

The Job

In general I will be focusing on technical leadership, making contributions to standards & specifications, and collaboration (across internal and external teams) within many current Ethernet and IP networking areas, specifically: Metro Ethernet Connectivity (e.g., L2VPN, L2TPv3, L3VPN), IP‐based VPNs, MPLS (Network‐to‐Network Interfaces), and IPv6.

Specifically, my current focus is directly on IPv6.

The Switch

I made the leap for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is the opportunity to focus on IPv6 deployment and transition. That opportunity is multiplied by the fact that, at CableLabs, I am working on these efforts not on behalf of one company or one network but rather an entire industry. Archimedes would be proud of the lever I have found myself with access to.

CableLabs is a non-profit member owned organization which writes all of the cable-specific specifications. Perhaps you’ve heard of DOCSIS? They then certify vendor gear against those standards, ensuring that consumers have viable options for CPE gear and that MSOs have viable options for all the other cable networking gear needed. In essence, CableLabs is the research and development arm of the cable industry and is therefor a place of innovation and far reaching effect.

The Rest

This change will likely mean more IPv6 related posts here (and over on The IPv6 Experts .net) and possibly less operations specific stuff (not that I was very consistent with subject matter in the past anyway).

My industry involvement will not be harmed, in fact it will be strengthened quite a bit. I will of course maintain my duties on the ARIN AC and within CO ISOC and will likely continue to expand my participation in NANOG, but I will most probably now be able to also get much more involved with the IETF and eventually the MEF as well.

Thanks to everyone who made this move possible!

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