Since I have been doing a bit more web-development/design/whatever work lately, I figured I would show some of it off here. So here goes. (The photos link to larger images, headlines link to the sites.)

Law Office of Jason Cuerdon

Jason Cuerdon is a great criminal attorney who works here in Denver, Colorado (and surrounding areas). I built him this sweet flash site based on a template (hey, I am not a flash guy) a little over a year ago. The screen-shot doesn’t do the site justice – you have to go check out the sweet animation – if I do say so myself.

Jason Cuerdon Screen Shot

Element 8 Tattoo

Bo Fuks is one of the best tattoo artists I have ever met. He is doing my sleeve and I build and maintain his website – it’s a pretty good deal for both of us I think. The first wicked-cool site I built for him was taken down recently in favor of this new site, which is even better then the first! This is another one that you really should visit if you want to fully appreciate. The background artwork is of course Bo’s own original stuff and is unique on each of the three pages. I just had to build the site around those dope drawings.

Element 8 Tattoo Screen Shot

Burning With The Bush

BWTB is a site I built to keep track of all the news and info I find regarding Juniper Networks. It has become “your single source for Juniper Networks news, information, and expert advice!”

We are currently looking for guest bloggers. If you write about networking hardware, switch/router tips & tricks, Internet technology, tech-biz, routing protocols, or any related field and want to guest post on BWTB, please contact us: write <at>

BWTB Screen Shot


The Colorado Chapter of the Internet Society (CO ISOC) is quickly gaining momentum and visibility throughout this region and the world as a force for the betterment of mankind through the open evolution of the Internet.

As the Chair of this small but rapidly growing non-profit corporation I wear many hats. One of those is webmaster and with that hat on, I recently re-built the site. The focus is on a clean, easy to navigate, professional hub for all of our activities. While you are checking it out, feel free to join!

CO ISOC Screen Shot

don’t panic

Of course, my personal website was also built by me, this latest version was finished last summer. Since I previously wrote a whole post on this site, we’ll keep it short here – just click around to check it out.

don't  panic screen shot


Well, there you have it, my most recent attempts at web-based creativity. What do you think? I would really love to get your feedback!

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