I previously wrote briefly about this policy proposal created by Ted Mittelstaedt and myself but I have a bit more to share before it goes up for discussion this week at ARIN XXV.

One of the primary reasons for this is that under the relatively new Policy Development Process (PDP) at ARIN, policy proposals are now owned by the AC once they become draft policies. Under the old system, draft policies were much more the responsibility of the author throughout the process. The main difference for me is that the AC shepherds will present all draft policies, including of course those authored by me, at the ARIN meeting (instead of Ted or myself).

While I am completely confident that Rob Seastrom and Heather Schiller will do a fine job of presenting dp2010-5, I couldn’t help wondering what I would present were it up to me. So I created some slides [HTML] to help explain this proposed policy and decided to share them here [PDF] with anyone who is interested in better understanding dp2010-5. I also shared these slides with RS and Heather so don’t be surprised if a couple of them find their way into the actual presentation in Toronto on Monday.

Draft Policy 2010-5 Slide Deck

There are two slides in particular that I want to highlight. Slide 3 and slide 5 both illustrate the proposed policy changes by lining up the current and proposed text side by side. I think that this is very helpful in understanding the exact changes taking place, so I am copying these slides here as well:

NRPM Section

NRPM Section 4.2.2

(Click on the images for full resolution)

I would love to hear what you think, about the proposed policy, about the sample presentation, or anything else really! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

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