Yep, I have been nominated (again) as a potential candidate for the ARIN Advisory Council in this year’s election. I am extremely honored that other ARIN members think highly enough of me to put my name forward for this position. Thank you!

I will wait until my candidacy becomes official before laying out my “platform” for this year’s election. If you want to know more about where I stand before then, you can:


Whether or not you plan to vote for me, you should vote if you can. Or, ensure that your organization votes if it can.

How do you know if you (or your organization) can vote? Great question! In order for your organization to be eligible to vote, it must:

  1. Have been a General Member of ARIN as of 1 January, 2010.
  2. Be a General Member in good standing (not owe ARIN any fees, etc).
  3. Have a designated member representative.

If you are not sure who your DMR is, or if your organization is eligible to vote at all, send an email to [email protected] and they can help! Don’t take too long though, the deadline to establish voter eligibility is 21 September. Better to start the process early then miss out on the election later.


If you believe that I will serve the community competently and diligently, I would love your support!

If you want to help, the first thing I need is introductions to DMRs. If you own, work for, consult at or are otherwise affiliated with any organizations that are ARIN resource holders (and thus General Members of ARIN), please get in touch with me! I would love to meet you (if we haven’t) and your organizations DMR.  =)

Beyond that, please watch my blog for more info on how you can help out!

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