Last week, in response to an ARIN ppml thread started by David Farmer, I created a decision tree to help me wrap my head around the entire argument space. After some great input on the list which led to a couple revisions, I think it has taken a polished shape. I hesitate to say a final or finished form because the conversation on this topic is far from over and I see a definite possibility for further revisions. At the moment though, I believe that it captures the issue quite well. The chart is titled “Do I Support A Liberalized Transfer Policy” and can be found here.

The purpose of this diagram is to help a person evaluate their own stance (as well as the position of others) on a liberalized transfer policy in a clear methodical way. It is intended as an unbiased tool for use by proponents of both views. My hope is that whatever your position, using this chart will help you form a more concrete understanding of that position or be the catalyst to change your position. Answering the questions posed by this decision tree should create a clear answer or at least a clear basis for further arguments.

Taking that one step further, we may be able to come to a factual and reasoned answer to the overall question by researching and understanding the underlying questions better than we do now. While I doubt that we will ever gain 100% consensus within the community, this may be a path to getting closer.

Whatever your take, please feel free to use or distribute the diagram, my only request is that you give proper credit. Also, any and all feedback is much appreciated!

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