JANOG LogoAs I mentioned last week, our team is taking an increased interest in the Asia Pacific region this year – and it’s already time for our second stop! Jan Zorz and I will be traveling to Beppu City, Japan later this week to take part in JANOG33.

JANOG, as you may have guessed, is the JApan Network Operators Group and their meeting is one of the biggest events for network engineers in Japan.

As presentations are almost exclusively given in Japanese, and I don’t speak any Japanese, I’ll be in the audience for this meeting. I’ll be looking to talk to other attendees about Deploy360, BCOP, the IETF, and what ISOC can do to help with the deployment and operationalization of key Internet technologies in Japan.

Mr. Zorz however is going to be braving the stage! His slides on BCOP (Best Current Operational Practices) have had Japanese sub-titles added to them and we’ve identified a translator. I’m excited!

As always, we’d love for anyone else attending this event to come find us for a chat. Or, if you can’t be in Beppu, you can still follow along remotely – just be sure you’re connected with the Deploy360 team!

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