RIPE OJI have to say, Ive been slacking on my blogging. I just realized that I only posted 4 (four!) blog posts here in all of 2013… Whoops.

In my defense, it was an incredibly crazy year for me – both personally and professionally. I acted like an ass in February and so decided not to drink alcohol for the rest of the year, while I rebuilt two of my most important relationships (I only cheated once, in Berlin). Meanwhile, I helped organize the first ever INET Denver and the second ever North American IPv6 Summit. I attended two IETFs, three NANOGs, two ARIN PPMs, both CableLabs Winter and Summer Conferences, a Light Reading Live, a CaribNOG, an Interop, a RIPE, a Cable Show, a PLNOG, and an ION (I think that’s it). I even took a vacation! I spoke in front of large and small crowds, was recorded & interviewed, witnessed some fantastic presentations, and had some amazing conversations (with friends old and new). I rode in buses, trains, planes, taxis and private cars in seven different timezones. I was patted down and laid over. I slept in more hotels than I care to count, had dinner upon dinner in restaurant after restaurant, and spent countless late hours in bars, clubs, and concert venues across several cities, countries, and continents (where I had some great times)…

As if all that wasn’t enough, I changed jobs! Then I helped my new team put together a plan for all of 2014!

In other words: I learned a lot. A lot about myself, about my friends, about the world, and about LOVE. It truly has been a fantastic journey. I’m so grateful for these experiences, for these friends, and for this life! Thank you to everyone who has been there for me through this crazy year – I truly love each and every one of you.

So now it’s time to dive headlong into 2014, the next crazy, chaotic, and hopefully charmed year of our lives… Stay tuned – I plan on blogging many more than 4 posts here this year! =)


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