It’s finally here! My second book is now officially published!book cover

Day One: Advanced IPv6 Configuration is a sequel to my first book, Day One: Exploring IPv6, and picks up right where it left off. Namely with BGP. In addition to a fairly thorough look at BGP (iBGP and eBGP / native IPv6 peering and sharing IPv6 routes over IPv4 peering), the book jumps into a few of the additional and often overlooked aspects of deploying an IPv6 network. This includes a look into topics and tools including VRRP, ICMPv6 rate limiting, CoS, IPv6 path MTU discovery, DHCPv6, zero hop-limit, Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) and Duplicate Address Detection (DAD).

My friend and fellow IPv6 evangelist (that’s actually his job title!), Owen DeLong helped out a ton as a technical editor/reviewer as I wrote the book and he also was kind enough to provide a review of the book which ended up on the back cover:

“This book is a fantastic tutorial on configuring and testing BGP routing with IPv6 on your network. It’s completely hands-on. It also covers native IPv6 peering and how to advertise IPv6 routes over IPv4 peering sessions. Highly recommended.”

– Owen DeLong, IPv6 Evangelist, Hurricane Electric

Thanks Owen! For the kind words and especially for all the help!

If you are interested in reading the book, there are several ways to get your hands on a copy (electronic or print):

  • All PDFs are free at
  • There’s a “copy and paste” edition, freely available at It’s an .rtf file so you can easily cut and paste any configuration or sample output wanted or needed.
  • eBook editions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod are available for .99¢.  From “within” the iBooks app on any of those devices, go to the iBookstore (not iTunes). Search for “day one juniper”. Purchase and download directly to the device.
  • eBook editions for Kindle (android, blackberry, iPad, PCs and Macs, Kindles, etc). Using the free Kindle App from within the device, go to the Kindle Store and search for “day one juniper”. Purchase the eBook (.99¢) and it will be downloaded to your chosen device.
  • Print copies will actually be available on Amazon, and as always through Vervante.
  • I usually carry a few copies of each with me as well, so if you spot me at a conference – introduce yourself and ask for one! =)

I would love to hear from any and all readers of my books! If you have questions, find problems, have suggestions or complaints; please feel free to leave them here on my blog, on other sites, shoot them to me in an email, or yell and throw fruit when you see me. Thanks!

IPv6 Path MTU Discovery

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  1. Owen DeLong 4 May 2011 at 11:45 - Reply


    My pleasure. Great job on the book. Congratulations on your second publication.


  2. Confluence: Get IPv6 Info 23 August 2013 at 13:27 - Reply

    IPv6 Presentations and Documents

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