As many of you undoubtedly already know; my Dad, Paul L. Grundemann, passed away yesterday morning.

A proud and private man, my Dad did not want the news of his illness to spread, so many of his friends were totally unaware that this might be coming. Even beyond this, his death was a shock to everyone, even those of us who knew he had gotten sick recently. It just happened so fast.

On December 8th, Paul took himself to the doctor after becoming quite ill. Two days later, on Dec. 10th, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Despite the typically bad prognoses that this brings, we were assured that the cancer had been caught “very early” and that it was “extremely treatable.” This proved to be diametrically mistaken. After 4 trips to the emergency room and one out patient radiation treatment, they decided to keep him in the hospital where he underwent two surgeries, first to install a ‘port’ for chemo-therapy and then a gastric bypass in an attempt to allow him to be able to eat solid food (which he hadn’t in nearly three weeks). Neither of those purposes were met as he died in his sleep, still at the hospital, sometime before 4am, January 4, 2010.

Paul Grundemann is survived by his wife of 30 years – Theresa Anne Kathlene Olearnick Grundemann, his Mother – Martha Lantzy Grundemann, two children – Chris and Sarah Grundemann, two grandchildren – Caius and Cyrus Grundemann, two brothers – Bob and Joe Grundemann and two si