Hey everybody, I have been kicking myself for not bloging in such a long time so I decided to post a quick personal message.

My family and I moved to a new home (er, are in the process of moving I guess) at the end of last month and I am scheduled to take the JNCIE-M lab exam at the end of this one. On top of that my wife, Erin started back to school recently so I am playing Mr. Mom for our two boys pretty much full time.

The little bit of time I do have left to work outside of work I have been spending on CO ISOC – the Colorado Chapter of the Internet Society, of which I am the founding chair. I recently got a mailing list running for the chapter and also re-launched coisoc.org with a totally new design meant to help create a cohesive brand among the U.S. ISOC Chapters (check out isoc-dc and iscoc-ny).

I also started Tweeting both for myself and for the CO ISOC.

Don’t worry – I plan to get back to a more regular posting schedule here once the test is passed (pun intentional) and things quiet down a bit.  I will get back to the Network Tools series as well as probably post some house-hacks inspired by my move and getting the office/network up and running in the new house.  Plus I am working on a EYODF type post detailing my use of IPv6 at home.  This would be a great time to subscribe to my RSS feed so that you don’t miss it when I do! =)

For now, check out a couple of my most popular posts if you have not already (and don’t forget to share them =)):

Thanks all!  Oh, and if you have questions you would like me to answer about the Internet, the Internet Society, Routing, Linux, Shell Scripting, Juniper Routers, or anything at all really – please email me: chris at chrisgrundemann dot com!

Now to go feed a couple hungry kids before I have a mutiny on my hands!

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