Ok, so I am about two weeks late posting this.  No excuses for my tardiness (those will come in another post), just right down to it:

I lost. Again.

According to the results posted by ARIN back on 5 November, I came in 12th out of 17 candidates, with 94 votes. A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who supported and voted for me!  It means a lot!

Congratulations to all of the winners: Paul Andersen, Scott Bradner and  Lee Howard in the BoT election and Chris Morrow, Bill Sandiford, Stacy Hughes, Heather Schiller, and Rob Seastrom in the AC election. I know that you will all serve ARIN and the community well!

Far more disappointing for me than my loss is the level of turnout:

2009 Voter Statistics

3507 ARIN members as of 7 October 2009
3049 Eligible voters* as of 7 October 2009
*ARIN members in good standing with properly registered Designated Member Representatives

478 unique member organizations cast a ballot in the Board of Trustees election.
468 unique member organizations cast a ballot in the Advisory Council election.
492 unique member organizations cast a ballot in either the Board of Trustees or Advisory Council election.

I am a little shocked actually.  This means that while only 458 ARIN members failed to register a DMR (and