I received an email today from Lawrence Lessig (because I am ‘registered’ at change-congress.org) announcing that Change Congress will become more than an idea very shortly. Instead of paraphrasing a fairly concise message, I have copied it here:

” Dear Friend,

Colorado Congressman Wayne Allard has taken over $45,900 from ConAgra Food Corporation and over $405,000 from the oil and gas industry. His campaign is fueled by over $3.6 million in PAC contributions. He is just one example of a problem that affects members of both parties. And just one example of why the system in Washington D.C. puts special interests before the American people.

That system will not change on its own. It will only change if people like you and me stand up and fight for it.

A month ago I considered running for Congress to help bring about this change from the inside. Many of you supported the idea and urged me to run. After thinking very hard about whether such a campaign could win, I decided against it. And instead I am asking you to join me in a new grassroots effort to Change Congress.

We will be kicking off the Change Congress effort at the National Press Club on Thursday at 1:30 PM EST at a speech I’ll be giving sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation. If you can’t get to the event in Washington D.C. I hope you will join me online for a live webcast by going to the link below:


You can also view the event details on the Sunlight Foundation’s website:


This new effort is one that cannot be sustained without your help. It will require change from the bottom up, starting with your own local districts. Change Congress will run on the backs of thousands of concerned citizens like you and me, who are tired of the politics as usual that put the interests of corporate America before those of the American people.

Please forward this email on to others who you think would like to know about it and help spread the news about Change Congress.

Thank you all for your support and we’ll be in touch!

Lawrence Lessig
Founder and President
Change Congress

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