This Sunday afternoon (April 6), I will be bowling on team Router Wreckers in the SungateKids Bowlathon at the Brunswick Zone in Lone Tree. There are a total of 48 teams this year, 23 of which are from Time Warner Telecom. The bowling is just for fun but the teams do compete to raise money. Those not bowling can “sponsor” a team by making a donation.

The money goes to the SungateKids, an Accredited Member of the National Children’s Alliance.  SungateKids acts as an unbiased resource to law enforcement and child services agencies in the aftermath of child abuse related crimes.  They call their service forensic interviewing and their aim is to provide more reliable information from the children while putting them under less stress than they would face from less qualified interviewers.

There is an article on the Bowlathon here and more information on SungateKids here. If you would like to donate, click here or look for team Router Wreckers on the SungateKids webpage.