The 2008 ARIN Election is now open.

If you are a member of ARIN or if you own or work for a company that is a member of ARIN, please make sure that your designated member representative (DMR) casts their ballot before voting closes on Friday (the 24th of October).

If you work in the Internet or computer networking community, this election is very likely more directly relevant to your career and day to day life than the presidential election. Please take the 30 or so minutes to review all of the candidates for the ARIN Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council and then ensure that your voice is heard by casting a ballot or giving input to your DMR so that they may cast the ballot.

There are 11 well qualified individuals seeking only 5 available seats on the AC so please make your choice carefully. Also, there are 4 great candidates up for 2 available Board of Trustees seats so again, please take the time to read through the bios, statements of support, and all other in