I Blogged at TeamARINI’m a Team ARIN guest blogger! =)

My guest post is on BCOP and talks about the origins, the goals, and how you can get involved. BCOP stands for Best Current Operational Practice and the primary goal of the BCOP project is to create “a living library for network engineers by network engineers.” As I state in the post:

The premise is simple; virtually all network-engineering tasks have been performed and perfected by someone, but those practices also change over time as more experience is gained and new tools become available.

Interested? Check out my guest post, and then get involved in the BCOP effort!

Also, don’t forget that you too can become a Team ARIN guest blogger, all the info to get started is on their site and ARIN staff is a pleasure to work with. Give it a shot – what have you got to lose?

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