Predictions of our eminent demise have again been exaggerated and although b’ak’tun 13 has ended, life on earth appears to continue. So we’re all stuck here together for a while longer it seems. To make the most of that, I believe that we should all take stock of our achievements and failures, asses our priorities, and start fresh on a regular basis. The changing of the calendar seems like an appropriate time, and thus this post is one of my attempts to do just that.

I’ll start with a matter of fact look at my 2012 resolutions, then a more holistic wrap up of 2012, and finally my resolutions for 2013.

Write more.

  • Write an average of 1 blog post every week (52 posts in 2012).

Well, I did not write 52 posts in 2012 . I did however write 40 (this post is #41) and compared to the 16 I wrote in 2011, I’m willing to call that a win. Perhaps more importantly, I branched out and wrote some articles outside of my personal blog, including one on the Team ARIN blog and several on CircleID. I also decided that although I want to continue to grow as a writer, I don’t want to be a journalist and I don’t want to write filler. Writing when I have something to say is what’s most important to me, and becoming a better writer a close second (75%).

  • Self-publish at least one book this year.

No joy. This just did not happen. While I did recently sign a deal to write a short user guide over the next few weeks though, I still very much want to self-publish and offer for sale a book of my original work (0%).

Create more and in new ways.

  • Assemble a decent “craft/art box” in the first quarter of 2012, then use it.

I still want to beef it up quite a bit, but we do have a craft box / art-kit in the house seeing regular use (at least once a month) (100%).

  • Complete at least one project from every issue of Make: received in 2012.

I never made the time for this. Me and my sons did assemble a gaggle of brush-bots and a couple box-bots, but we did not tackle any of the more complex projects that I was thinking of when I set this goal (0%).

  • File at least 4 patent applications this year.

Here I can find a bit of redemption. While I feel like the whole “I was too busy” excuse is typically a pile of steaming crap, this year I might just be justified if I were to use it for some of my failed resolutions. I filed 20 distinct invention disclosures with CableLabs in 2012 and so far 6 have been selected to be filed as official patent applications. That makes a total of 10 active patent applications with my name on them at the moment (150%).

Exercise more consistently.

  • Ride my bike to work (with a little bus assistance) at least 90% of the days I go into the office.

Another one I feel I can take great pride in, I only drove to the office 4 times in all of 2012. While I am not sure how many days I was traveling (quite a few) or working from home (several), I am very confident that I met my 90% goal – through rain and snow and sun, and almost exclusively on my fixy. So yes, my legs look great (because I know you were wondering) (100%).

  • Do push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups every day (especially when traveling) during 2012.

Whoops. I never quite got on the ball with this in 2012. I think that I need to find a productive activity that strengthens my upper body, like bicycling for the lower parts – ideas welcome! I have a fairly hard time making the time for pure exercise (0%).

  • Have sex at least 20 times every month in 2012.

A lady never asks, a gentleman never tells – but since Meagan agreed to marry me, I guess I’m doing something right (100%).

Be more present with my children.

  • Go to the park at least three times a month with my boys.

While the winter chill has put a bit of a damper on this, and I didn’t actually keep count anywhere, we made it out of the house almost every weekend – often to one of Denver’s great parks (100%).

  • Do at least two creative projects a month (using the craft box from 2.1.) with my boys.

While we did assemble the craft box, and we did put it to some use, I’d be remiss if I called this one a win. We should have done more organized craft projects together (0%).

  • Take at least one trip a month to a museum, zoo or aquarium with my boys.

Having a family membership at both the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science made it quite easy (and cheap) to follow through on this resolution (100%).

Stay positive.

  • Identify positive and negative thoughts as often as possible.

This one isn’t quite a “SMART” goal and is a little hard to objectively measure, but I can without a doubt say that I have been much better about being in touch with my feelings, and thus being more in control of them as well (100%).

  • Avoid negative people (not sad/sick/hurt people, truly negative ones).

Once you start to weed negative folks out and surround yourself with positive people, it becomes easier and easier to identify and avoid the negative ones. Even better, some of the negative ones eventually start the shift to positivity themselves (100%).

  • Post a positive affirmation on Facebook at least once a week.

I was doing this every week for a while, with great response even, but I did fall out of the habit as 2012 wore on (25%).

When we discovered the lady with Colorado Love merch for sale, along with our inability to trademark any design including a state flag, I lost much of my motivation for this project. I still like the general premise, and I still really want to orchestrate a community art project, but I failed to make it happen this year (0%).

2012 Wrap-up

That puts me at right about 60% for my 2012 resolutions. Not great, but not horrible. Hopefully it means mostly that I chose some good stretch goals and not that I am simply a lazy bastard. The full story of course lays outside of my resolutions alone; a lot happened in 2012 – let’s revisit some highlights: I proposed to Meagan McCorkle and she said yes! We got a dog and moved 6 blocks. I helped get ISPs around the globe a Shared Transition Space to use in their CGN deployments, led the organization and execution of CO ISOC’s first large-scale event, was elected to the Board of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force, appointed to the NANOG PC, and got a new CEO at CableLabs. I took 12 trips, visited 6 new cities, attended my first IETF meeting, gave 11 invited talks, moderated 3 panel discussions and taught my first professional IPv6 tutorial. I published the first ever BCOP (on IPv6 subnetting), started writing about creativity, spent more time with my kids than I ever have in a single year, discovered the pure joy of single-speed 29″ mountain bikes, and took my kids to Disney World. I laughed, I cried, I met some fabulous new people, and I was constantly amazed by the beauty and opportunity in this world. Oh, and I survived the 2012 solstice on 21 December 2012.

Starting Fresh

Now it’s time to put all of that in the past as I tear down my 2012 calendar and replace it with the blank potential of 2013. I’ve decided that my resolutions need to be measurable and should be more than just goals – my resolutions this year (even more than last year) will be habits and milestones meant to help mold my year into the journey I intend.

2013 Resolutions

  1. Learn to draw – Complete at least 75% of the lessons in my drawing book and draw an acceptable self portrait.
  2. Keep writing – Publish at least 6 articles outside of my blog and (self)publish at least one book.
  3. Create with my kids – Complete at least 4 ‘major’ creative projects with my sons.
  4. Start saying n0 – Do not take on any new responsibilities without eliminating others first.
  5. Be a better friend – Contact at least one friend I haven’t seen in person recently every week.
  6. Be a great fiancee – Help throw an awesome wedding.
  7. Add a fitness routine – Find an additional fitness activity to add to my weekly routine, and add it.
  8. Step up my riding – Participate in at least two bicycle races.
  9. Celebrate more – Don’t sweat the small stuff, celebrate it! Take time to celebrate every achievement.

Happy New Year everyone! Make it your best one yet.

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