The recent heat wave here in Denver signaled the official start of summer and marks the mid-year point of 2012. That’s right, we’re already halfway between 2011 and 2013. Time just keeps on slipping. Making use of the time that we have is our only recourse. Productivity and achievement are our weapons against old man time. So how have I done in these first 6 months of 2012?

I made several resolutions (looking back now, probably too many – big surprise) at the beginning of this year and now seems like a perfect time to do a gut check and see where I’ve staid on track and where I’ve gone off the rails.

Write more.

  • Write an average of 1 blog post every week (52 posts in 2012).

This is one area where I have really kept my toes to the fire. So far this year I’ve posted 28 times here on don’t panic, including starting three new series of posts; ARIN Policy Updates, Internet Pioneer Interviews, and Introducing IPv6. I also guest posted on the Team ARIN blog and wrote two CircleID posts as well. In other words: On track.

  • Self-publish at least one book this year.

I have put a lot of thought into this, and I believe that I will indeed make it happen. At the moment I’m thinking about taking all of my recent posts on how to spark creativity and aggregating them into a short (targeting 30 or so pages) eBook. If the eBook does well, I’ll spring to publish a hard-copy edition as well. On track.

Create more and in new ways.

  • Assemble a decent “craft/art box” in the first quarter of 2012, then use it.

While it’s not as big as I’d eventually like, there is now a craft box in my house, which sees regular use. Markers, crayons, paint, clay, colored paper, white paper, lined paper, scissors, glue, etc… On track.

  • Complete at least one project from every issue of Make: received in 2012.

This is an area that I have neglected. I really want to build the “towel” R/C stunt plane but haven’t gotten to it yet. This is one of my more fun and exciting resolutions so I plan to get back on the ball and get a couple projects done this summer, to make up for lost time. The verdict: Off the rails (but coming back strong).

  • File at least 4 patent applications this year.

Not 100% sure how best to judge this one. Four patent applications with my name on them were filed by CableLabs already in 2012. However, all four of those ideas we’re actually documented and filed with CableLabs in 2011 – so I don’t think they count towards this goal. I have however filed an additional seven (7) invention disclosures with CableLabs this year. Two of those ideas were published publicly rather than filed (including the eFridge idea) and the other five are still under consideration. I fully expect that at least one or two of them will be filed – and I’m not done yet! So this one is definitely: On track.

Exercise more consistently.

  • Ride my bike to work (with a little bus assistance) at least 90% of the days I go into the office.

So far this calendar year I have only driven to work 3 times. Once I had a breakfast meeting that I wasn’t sure how to get to and the other two times I had appointments that I needed to commute to during the work day. I do cheat a little, since I tend to travel about one week out of every month and obviously don’t ride my bike those days. Even with that I’m putting in some serious miles (IMHO). Say three weeks a month, 5 days a week, over the last six months and we get 90 days of riding to work. My round trip commute on the bike is about 6 miles. So far this year I estimate I’ve peddled roughly 540 miles – not counting recreational riding when not commuting. On track!

  • Do push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups every day (especially when traveling) during 2012.

Completely missed this one. I think I’ve taken time to do pushups and/or sit ups maybe six times this year, and no real pull up sessions at all. Off the rails.

  • Have sex at least 20 times every month in 2012.

A gentleman never asks, a lady never tells – but I can say my lady is keeping me honest: On track. ;-)

Be more present with my children.

  • Go to the park at least three times a month with my boys.

This one is getting easier as it warms up. Most weeks now we do two outings a weekend, and we made almost one every weekend all winter as well. Whether it’s playing fetch with the dog at Cheeseman, a picnic in the shade at City park, a charity event at Sloan’s lake, playing in the Platte river, or flying kites – we’re out there! On track.

  • Do at least two creative projects a month (using the craft box from 2.1.) with my boys.

Getting the boys off the X-Box and Wii to do crafts isn’t always the easiest thing, but they always enjoy it once the transition is made. My stock of awesome original artwork is definitely growing! I do want to keep mixing in new and more in depth projects, so there is room to grow, but we are certainly: On track.

  • Take at least one trip a month to a museum, zoo or aquarium with my boys.

We’ve been focusing mainly on parks and I think we’ve only been to the Zoo a couple times this year. This is a resolution that needs some more attention – and I’m sure it’ll receive it now that the new Elephant Passage exhibit is open. Off the rails.

Stay positive.

  • Identify positive and negative thoughts as often as possible.

This is one that I think I’ve always been pretty good at and I’m definitely getting better. I don’t have enough time to waste worrying, hating, or whining. I really want to add regular meditation to my daily routine to help take my self-consciousnesses to the next level, but in the mean time I am: On track.

  • Avoid negative people (not sad/sick/hurt people, truly negative ones).

Weeding folks out is actually pretty easy. Taking the time to regularly engage with all the great ones is harder for me actually. Maybe a resolution for next year? On track.

  • Post a positive affirmation on Facebook at least once a week.

I was doing really good with this for a while, even creating a couple of my own quote-pic-meme-things. I have gotten out of the habit of talking time each week to really be grateful and post about those feelings publicly. So while I was on track for quite a while, at the moment I am: Off the rails.

We recently got “real” stickers made and now that it warmed up we’ve been out putting them up again. Now it’s time to get more folks involved! On track.

  • See 3.3.


So with 15 distinct resolutions total, I am on track with 11 and off the rails with only 4 – a pretty good start to the year even if I do say so myself! Now it’s a matter of sticking with the things I’m doing well and picking up a couple of the dropped balls to close out the year with another great six months!

How is your year progressing? Are you finding success every day? Where have you gotten it right and what areas still need attention? Is there anything I can do to help?

Oh, and to my fellow U.S. Americans: Happy Independence Day! Please be safe with the fireworks and take a moment or two to remember what our founding fathers obtained for us some 236 years ago this week – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

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  1. mark 2 July 2012 at 17:01 - Reply

    Chris, congrats on your stellar progress!! And thanks for the.timely reminder to review 2012 goals.

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