A quick search of the interwebs shows that I m not the first person to coin this phrase Brain Vomit, but I think it does capture my blog-writing style quite well.

My blog writing style; it’s like puking on a canvas and then painting with it. You have little control over vomit, mostly it just comes out. You can control what you eat, but often what you eat controls when and especially what you puke back up. All you can do is control (to some extent) where you do it; what to aim it at. Heck, you can’t even control how much you vomit, or how long it takes. But, if you are a dedicated enough vomit artist, you can go back into that pool of excrement and move the bits around until you have a picture that means something.

That’s primarily what I do here. I ingest data all day every day. It’s what I do. I learn. I do it for a living and I do it as an uncontrollable addiction. I consume information, ideas, opinions, facts, figures, concepts and theories. Sometimes, like when over-eating or eating new things, my consumption triggers a vomit – and an article is born. Other times, I find a bit of information important enough, or relevant enough, that I sit down with my notebook and stick my figurative finger down my throat and induce mental vomiting.

Like with real puking, I have only some control over the exact contents and the quantity of what comes out. My primary skill as a blogger (in my own eyes at least) is in editing on the fly. As this hot, wet and sticky mess pours from me, I just reach out and take bits away, move bits around, seek out other bits to add in, and generally get my hands dirty. Eventually I look at it and say “finito,” or I just get tired and walk away – either way, you get to read it!

Anyway, this is the kind of thing I think about when I’m alone in my car – and now that I spend two plus hours everyday driving to and from my new job, you can look forward to more of these amazing insights into the psyche of this knowledge-addicted, brain-vomiting network architect. Much more. ;)

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