A friend sent me a link to this video today and I had to share it:

Wow! What a great concept. I really dig it. The site referenced at the end of the video has some other very cool design projects on display as well as some basic info on the “Rolltop.” Fortunately for those of us who don’t read German, google seems to translate the text fairly well:

Rolltop / Diploma /

Mobile Computer

Initial target group: they may include in particular designers, artists, architects, and other who work professionally or privately with the graphics tablet.
Second target: includes technical innovation and people who are interested in for a brand new notebook concept.

Rolltop is a combination of tablet and laptop and makes a very different geometry and appearance of a portable computer dar. Through the use of new technologies such as OLED display and touch screen is it possible a notebook built, which lets roll together, and thus even smaller and easier acts. It is possible to use the rolltop rolled out in state like a screen and graphics tablet.

Also in the rolltop all the necessary components of the laptop are built-in: mouse, keyboard, power supply with cable. It does not take the case for Laptopzubehor – it’s all included, except for the Tragegurtel.

The display is embedded in Gehauserahmen fied and let from 13 inches in laptop mode, expand up to 17 inches in tablet or monitor mode.

A big advantage is the low power consumption. The dey thanks to OLED displays about 5 times lower than in conventional TFT displays, and thus crucial for the excellent battery life.

Kudos to Orkin Design!

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