According to a Wall Street Journal article, T-Mobile will be announcing the HTC Dream later this month. This has been anticipated since the FCC approval for the phone was leaked about a month ago. This will be the first production phone to run on the Android platform.

(Credit: iMobile via Engadget)

(Credit: iMobile via Engadget)

I think it will be great to have a next-gen smart phone option that is not a no-frills locked-down blackberry or an ATT-only DRM-ridden iPhone. I hope this is the first of many Android phones we see from the Open Handset Alliance. With their commitment to openness, easy development and to “offer consumers a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience” I have high expectations! There is a ton of possibility and potential with a truly open mobile device.

Of course the ever-expanding Google empire does give me some pause when considering android. Google’s store of information is incredible to a level almost beyond comprehension. Whether or not Google’s intentions are to “Do No Evil,” the potential for misuse, mistakes and maliciousness is there. The concern over Google’s data and user’s privacy is not new and there are those who say that their intentions are not necessarily on the up and up. Now, add not only your regular web-dealings but also your mobile communication (who you call, what you text) and triangulated or gps location within Google’s reach and the concern may need to be multiplied.

The questions that need to be answered before I buy any Android phone are: What activity on your phone will be tracked and cataloged by Google? What user controls and safeguards will be available?

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