A fundamental problem in the way America operates as a nation and as individuals, seems to be severe short sightedness. Whether it is Washington politicians, corporate chiefs or general citizens; many (possibly most) among us lack vision in a crippling way. We seem to be driven almost exclusively by instant gratification, immediate risk and short-term influence instead of the core ideals and long-term goals that should really be our focus.

The U.S. Government makes decisions that can affect not only millions of Americans and not even just the billions of people inhabiting the planet today but trillions (and more?) of people who will one day walk this earth, all in their own time and space. Decisions of this magnitude can not be made based solely on todays events. Even looking out ten or twenty years is laughable for any real change at this level. In light of this, aspiring public servants (before ever running for office) should have a concrete vision of their ideal society. They should understand what that society looks like, how it operates and why. Voters too