“Here’s to Jonathan B. Postel, a man who went about his work diligently and humbly, who served all who wished to partake of the Internet and to contribute to it, and who did so asking nothing in return but the satisfaction of a job well done and a world open to new ideas.”
~ Vint Cerf – “Remembering Jon: Looking Beyond the Decade”

While I am too young and too new to this to have ever met Jon; I have a deep respect for the man, his ideals and the work he accomplished. I hope that all current and future Internauts, including myself, can follow his example well.

“If Jon were here, I am sure he would urge us not to mourn his passing but to celebrate his life and his contributions. He would remind us that there is still much work to be done and that we now have the responsibility and the opportunity to do our part. I doubt that anyone could possibly duplicate his record, but it stands as a measure of one man’s astonishing contribution to a community he knew and loved.”
~ Vint Cerf – RFC 2468, I REMEMBER IANA