ARIN XXI (Denver, CO — 6-9 April 2008) is going to have a native IPv6 network in place for attendees to experiment with. According to Mark Kosters (ARIN CTO): “The Main Event will feature presentations explaining the experiment, offering test scenarios, and information on setup in detail. During the course of the experiment, ARIN will offer technical support and keep of track network statistics. The event will conclude with a report of the results. ” I am excited to get to play on a large native IPv6 network. I will record my experience here of course.

IPv6 is gaining buzz and gaining traction. This is most likely in large measure due to the Department of Defense (DoD) IPv6 deadline this year. The mandate was set out in 2003 as part of their network-centric warfare plan. Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote an article that appeared on ars technica December 19, 2007 on the current state of this transition, which I found informative.

It is now very clear that IPv6 is no longer simply certification test fodder but something that we need to understand in earnest. It is no longer something happening somewhere else, it is happening where you live and work – or will be soon. While we are still many, many years away from a complete transition it will soon be common enough that knowledge of IPv6 will be a major benefit to have on your resume and in the not too distant future, a requirement. So if you are in the industry, my recommendation is to start checking out these events and maybe buy a book or two.

Some IPv6 resources:

IPv6 Status Pages

Juniper IPv6 Information Hub

Cisco IOS IPv6 Configuration Library

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