Founded in 2007, Gluware provides a suite of intent-based, idempotent network automation solutions with closed-loop verification enabling extensible, scalable, and secure multi-vendor, multi-domain, and multi-cloud networks. Gluware’s modular, microservices-based NetDevOps solution includes intelligence for each vendor platform with continuous discovery and out-of-the-box network monitoring and management. It supports more than 40 network operating systems and cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Figure 1. Gluware Intelligent Network Automation at-a-Glance

Comprising Gluware Intelligent Orchestration Engine and Gluware Control, Gluware’s Intelligent Network Automation platform hosts a suite of intent-based applications, including Config Drift and Audit, Config Modeling, Dashboard, Data Explorer, Network RPA, OS Manager, and Device Manager. These integrated components provision inventory, drift, audit, and config management tasks via SSH (or REST) to enterprise network devices.

Communicating with multi-vendor, multi-platform physical and virtual systems via an API or CLI, Gluware Intelligent Orchestration Engine provides data-model driven, intent-based intelligence to discover, analyze, and validate network actions at scale. This feature can be used to accelerate the replacement of less extensible and less secure legacy network configuration and change management (NCCM) solutions.

Actions are automated via Gluware Intent-Based Applications, which incorporate modular, purpose-built functions for device management and inventory, configuration drift and audit, OS upgrades, configuration modeling, and workflow automation. For example, the Gluware Config Drift application takes periodic high-resolution “snapshots” of either the entire network or specific nodes to establish a baseline configuration. Automated line-by-line comparisons detect changes, triggering device remediation or promoting the snapshot to the current default.

Gluware Control, the cloud-based or on-premises control panel for Gluware’s platform, allows you to administer users with role-based access, create organizations for multi-tenant network management, import devices, perform inventory, and load and manage software packages and applications. The Data Explorer application also offers increased network visibility and allows any data to be extracted from within the Gluware databases to create actionable insights. The new Network RPA application provides the ability to build end-to-end process automation with a no-code drag-and-drop interface. It enables a CI/CD approach with the integrated ability to build, test, deploy, and monitor automated processes. Gluware provides native tasks to orchestrate its underlying app suite and also integrates with StackStorm to provide more than 150 external integrations for platforms including Ansible, AWS, Jira, ServiceNow, and Slack.

In addition to providing off-the-shelf applications, Gluware Lab accelerates deployment by eliminating the need to build your own automation. A self-contained CI/CD ecosystem deployed on-premises, Gluware Lab enables customers to develop their own features, networking packages, custom API integrations, and workflows on top of the Gluware platform for on-premises or cloud-based deployments.

Gluware Enterprise, hosted on premises or in the cloud, offers flexibility and scalability to address the needs of larger enterprises or those requiring special sizing. It can scale to any size network, and customers can select which components of the Gluware Application Suite they want to deploy. Incorporating Gluware Zone Engine Servers, Gluware Enterprise enables provisioning power to be distributed to geographical regions or edge locations, or data centers with a cluster of network devices.

With Gluware’s SaaS offering, Gluware Pro, customers download and install the Gluware Secure Gateway (GSG) virtual appliance on their network, providing a secure TLS tunnel to the AWS-hosted, multi-tenant Gluware instance. Designed for networks of up to 2,000 devices, a single GSG provides dual provisioning engines with Gluware Pro supporting the deployment of two GSGs on each customer network for redundancy…

Catina Ross, GigaOm

Chris is one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked with. His dedication to the success of our organization was paramount. I always relied on him to engage in intricate troubles knowing they would receive appropriate attention and follow through. Chris is an immediate asset to any organization and is most certainly.

Jim Meslovich, CenturyLink Business for Enterprise

Chris was an excellent coach, mentor and problem solver. Chris consistently possesses a “can do” attitude while taking on more and more responsibility and taking the time to fully understand, upskill and learn as required for success. Chris is very organized and patient. He is proactive in identifying and addressing risks and issues that could erstwhile derail hard-earned successes. Chris’ list of talents and intangibles is long, but never a surprise once you get the opportunity to work with him.

Scott Perricone, Myriad360

As Chris’ Editor for Exploring IPv6, a Day One book, he kept to his schedule, output exceedingly lucid prose, and gave a sense of instructional design to an extraordinary tough technology to deploy. On time, better than could be expected, and executed with grace.

Patrick Ames, Juniper Networks

Chris is a strong team player with tremendous attention to detail. His approach was always well thought out with solid backing to his ideas. His role and growth in the company were key to its survival. He was also very willing and able to wear multiple hats and was a flexible asset to have on hand.

Mikael Rasmussen, WavMax Broadband

Chris was one of the go-to guys whenever there were complex problems. He has the knowledge, desire and potential to advance in any position he chooses. It was a pleasure working with him.

Ushesh Desai, Virtela Communications

Chris was the driving force behind the creation of the ISOC Colorado chapter. I appreciated his leadership and technical skills and his determination. I enjoyed working with Chris on this project and I am looking forward to doing it again.

Yannis Konstantopoulos, Lumen Technologies

Chris Grundemann was among the most energetic and competent members of our Council throughout his time as an elected member. I found(find) Chris a most thoughtful man who brought insight and experience to the role, but was also always a genuine and professional member exerting leadership with tact and good humor. I think highly of Chris both as a technical professional and community leader, but also as a trusted friend.

Bill Darte, ARIN Advisory Council

Chris is one of the sharpest minds you will be lucky to come across, whether in a personal or professional setting. His ability to cut through the noise and see the relevant elements and data in any situation is remarkable. 

Chris is intensely focused, dedicated, and capable. He absorbs and synthesizes data quickly, finds the leverage points, focuses on what matters, and delivers results. Any high-performing team will get a boost from engaging with Chris.

Andy Fisher, Myriad360

It was a pleasure to work with Chris. Chris possesses very detailed technical knowledge and solid experience, but never lost sight of his strategic and business goals when using that knowledge and experience.

Graham McKinley, Overture Networks

Chris is one of the most brilliant technologists and charismatic speakers I’ve met in a long time. He’s an absolute creative, has a mind focused on solutions, and is driven by a deep belief in what he does. He’s both an inspirational leader and great colleague. I’d work with Chris again any day of the week.

Lia Kiessling, Internet Society

I count my time working with Chris among my most rewarding professional experiences. Chris is someone with a voracious appetite for knowledge and a desire to understand the world around him. While these traits make him an incredible thought partner that excels at introducing new concepts and riffing off the ideas of others…it also makes him a multiplier, someone that helps others sharpen their own thinking by forcing them to be more introspective, to be more curious about what’s possible, and to think critically and objectively about the reality of a situation.

Chris is a tide that raises many boats, not just through his ability to cultivate innovation and promote positive disruption, but by the example he sets. Chris is one of the most accountable people I’ve ever known and consistently demonstrated a knack for bringing order to chaos, prioritizing diffuse – and often conflicting – objectives, and producing positive outcomes in situations where the deck seemed stacked in such a way that that doing so appeared impossible.

Rick Kenney, Myriad360

Chris is always happy to contribute to a discussion or to an issue and is more than happy to lend a hand to both assist team members with their tasks or to lend his expertise in order to benefit the requestor. He is constantly providing knowledge transfer in a peer to peer manner, engaging others to work together to move a project forward or to resolve an issue. Most importantly, Chris is an open and honest communicator about whatever the topic of the moment is, something that is refreshing in today’s world. I could always count of Chris to lend his opinion or his ideas to any subject matter, and this becomes an important contribution for any team. Chris has tremendous talent and is a very hard working, team player. I would welcome Chris to my team at any point in the future.

Paul Diamond, Markley

Chris is a talented technologist with a keen eye for marketing. This combination of skills has been a powerful asset in his role. Over the course of the 4 years that I worked with Chris, he presented at numerous events & conferences, and was a thought leadership partner. He was pivotal in honing Myriad360’s mission and developing a cohesive strategy for the company. Chris earns my highest recommendation.

Kirsten Gonzalez, Myriad360

Chris is an exceptionally energetic individual, a talented thinker and an accomplished public speaker. He is a very rewarding person to work with due to the level of organization he brings to every project. He has vision and probity, a rare combination. I has been a great privilege to work with him.

John Springer, ARIN Advisory Council

Chris is objective, strategically insightful, sharp and on top of his game. He’s a great collaborator who is willing to change his approach mid stream or whenever, to accommodate others. He’s a very dedicated professional with strong personal leadership qualities as well as being open and willing to inspire and empower others.

Duangthip Chomprang, Internet Society

Chris has the talent to completely embrace and encompass a technology and from that drive results. It is obvious that Chris enjoys sharing his knowledge base and ideas with others. It was a pleasure working with Chris.

John McQueen, Broadcom

Chris is a focused individual, willing to go the extra mile to help customers, and do the job correctly. He is a great teacher, and a smart man.

Tyson Schaetzle, Tikkom Wire

Working with Chris has been a real pleasure. He is open, friendly, intelligent, discreet, skilled, productive, driven, resourceful and trustworthy! Our organisation has really benefitted from Chris’s skills and knowledge.

Howard Baggott, Internet Society

We hired Chris with high expectations. He quickly proved to be a good choice as he grasped new concepts exceptionally well and showed an aggressive personal learning regimen, surpassing his peers. I would highly recommend Chris in his future endeavors.

Ryan Privette, Virtela Technology Services Incorporated

Chris was an amazing colleague to work with. I admire his ability to understand very technical concepts as well as business and market driven ones. He has amazing stakeholder management skills, and has the ability to build relationships and manage working groups and teams. He is a true leader who is very passionate about whatever he is working on. His desire for framing strategic direction and leading execution would be an asset to any organization. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Chris again.

Rupal Patel, CableLabs

Chris is technically creative, hard working, and extraordinarily effective at working with both internal and external technical expert communities. A pleasure to have had on the team at CableLabs. I fully expect him to significantly move his organization and the industry.